Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Put me in, Coach

I had an interesting encounter yesterday. I had my first assessment done by a professional leadership coach. The assessment was designed to measure the types of energy I project at work and in my life.

Anabolic, good. Catabolic, bad. Very bad.

The strange part was that the coach was someone I met at one of my workshops. She had recently become a licensed coach and thought it would be good to lead me through her process.

I found it very interesting. I took an online test, and followed it up with a two-hour phone conversation to go over my assessment results.

I found out some very helpful things about the energy I generate at work, home and in my life. I definitely need to look at some specfic areas and relationships, including the expectations I set for myself. In particular, I tend to project certain types of energy at times that may be undermining my own progress and the way I interact with others.

The two-hour follow up phone conversation was very intense and pretty complex. Honestly, I don't know if I gave her what she was looking for, and I'm not sure what the exercise told me about my skills as a leader. The one thing our encounters made clear to me was that for a guy, I can be pretty high maintenance.

Who knew?

PS If anyone is interested in getting an Energy Leadership assessment done for themselves, let me know and I'll put you touch with my friend. She's very good, and a great listener.

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