Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shout™ is a stain remover, not a brand strategy Part 2

Absolut has never been a brand that's needed to shout at anyone. It created its own brand of cool with an iconic bottle and its own language(Absolut whatever). It aligned with creative thinkers, artists and cultural icons and created an aura that's lasted over two decades.

This is me several months back in Stockholm, Sweden. While working on a project for Absolut, I had the opportunity to visit the Ice Bar. A bar where literally the bar is made of ice and you drink Absolut from glasses made of, well, ice. A marketing gimmick or totally unique touchpoint that lets people engage the brand in a memorable way? All I can say is that I came back with an amazing story to tell and a shared experience that has transformed me into an evangelist for Absolut. Literally and figuratively, a cool way to experience the spirits brand. When brands get it right they don't need to shout to be heard.

Who else is doing something that projects the brand in an unexpected way? Who else out there is demonstrating the inherent value of creating shared experiences, and not simply shouting at people?


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