Saturday, May 16, 2009

Marketingeze Made EZ

Ah, the "agency capabilities presentation."

Such a fun ritual.

Who are we? What do we? Why are we different? Who have we done this with before? The bigger question in the room would be, "is the prospective client willing and able to pay for what we do? Do they even value what we do?"

A former ad agency colleague of mine had a favorite catchphrase when negotiating with prospective clients in the pitch mode, especially when the agency was asked by the prospective partner to "put together some ideas to see if we like what we do."
To them, GD would always intone to the team: "No romance without the finance."

I have to agree. Spec work is pure evil. Nonetheless. We had a couple good client meetings/presentations this week. Good rapport. Excitement in the air. All signs point to "yes" around the chance to do compelling work for them.

What closed the deal? Must have been the agency's elevator pitch.

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