Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Marketing 2.0: It's about what others do with what you do

I've been intrigued lately by the notion that "Marketing 2.0 isn't about what you do, it's about what others do with what you do."

So every marketer, down deep, must become something of an enabler. Today's consumers use brands as a steppingstone to their own self-expression and self-fulfillment. A good example of this is the new campaign Flip video "Do You Flip?" campaign as well as a new creative project by my friend, Peter Lloyd. It's a musical CD called "Cover Me."

Peter is a writer, author and singer-songwriter. Recently, Peter took 10 songs that he wrote and recorded on his own, and asked 10 friends to perform each of their songs on their own. "Cover Me: The songs of Peter Lloyd performed by friends and family of Peter Lloyd" came about. Peter asked me to illustrate the cover you see here. I thought "Cover Me" is a great example of this notion that success in marketing is all about getting other people to do something with what you do. In other words, the question is what will people want to do with the website you created, or the television commercial you developed? It's part of being in the age of dynamic engagement. On "Cover Me," each performer took the original Peter Lloyd song, and re-corded it with their own "special sauce." In other words, Peter's songs "enabled" the singers to channel their own talents and create something entirely new from the original iteration. IN the process, Peter's creative ideas became a form of "social objects."

As a marketer, you need to seriously ask yourself "is what I'm creating right something other people will want to do something with?"

If you're interested in the "Cover Me" CD, which is a very fun listen, go to Would make a nice creative gift for the holidays.

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