Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Something bubbling on the horizon

In just a few weeks, the Big Idea Blender will be coming to Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

It's summer so most of us are still at the beach catching a wave, finishing up a trashy novel or sitting down to a slice of boardwalk pizza.

As we reach the final double digits of August, many of us are beginning to think about what we'll be doing once Labor Day is behind us. We'll start to focus again on the mission at hand.

It'll be time to shake off the sand and start reconnecting to the mission. Your mission. Whatever it may be.

On September 16th, you'll get to hear 10 people who have connected themselves to a mission talk about the experience. During our Open Mic Night, 10 presenters will take the stage and describe first hand the exhilaration, frustrations and utter jubilation of what it means to be an entrepreneur. What it means to take your personal passion and put it before the world.

More soon.

Don't forget. Save the whales. And save the date. Wednesday, September 16th.

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